Sleep Will Make You Leaner and Faster – Here is the Proof! (Coach Robb)

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To those of you out there struggling with fatigue, weight loss, anxiety, sleep disorders and/or performance plateaus, consider sleeping more to allow your body to recover and rebuilt naturally. There are no short cuts. High intensity and high volume will destroy you unless you have the time to sleep and eat enough to ABSORB what you do - plain and simple.

Sleep Project Overview For the last 20+  years, I have asked all my clients to train with a heart rate monitor to keep them from training too hard on their easy days leaving them fresh for their high-quality days.

This methodology has been challenged by many coaches and athletes for many reasons: "grey zone", "wattage", "perceived exertion", etc. I have personally watched clients leave to go to a another program with more volume, more intensity, calorie restriction, etc. only to become injured (sometimes career ending), have a performance regression and/or become exhausted mentally and physically resulting in creams, injections or oral supplementation to turn their "symptoms" around. Sad but true.

In addition to having my clients train with a heart rate monitor I have required all my clients to maintain a Body Analysis spreadsheet to evaluate their body's feedback to training volume, intensity and frequency along with ensuring that they are consuming enough quality calories and fluids to support their training loads and life's other stress sources (work, family, etc.).

To prove my theory, I conducted a sleep study over an eight-month period where I asked 10 clients to wear their Garmin strapless heart monitor for every workout as well as when they sleep. With the permission of one of these clients, I have documented her sleep data averages and performance results below.

Parameters Sleep goal: 9 hours (difficult but necessary) Food: raw fruits, vegetables and clean fats; eaten every 2 hours Training: 7 Hours a week 1 hour per day Mon-Friday 1 complete rest day per week - Saturday 2 hours on Sunday Training Intensity: 2 hours anaerobic 5 hours aerobic

Sleep Log Observations/Take Away Hours of sleep: increased from 6 to 9 hours Deep sleep average: increased from 23 min avg to 1 hour 40' Light sleep average: increased 3 hour avg to 5 hours 17' Note: Deep sleep allows the body to rebuild NATURALLY Light sleep allows the brain to rebuild NATURALLY

Performance Results Swim Time Trial: 17 seconds faster Bike Time Trial: 36 seconds faster / at a lower HR of 8 beats Run Time Trial: 18 seconds faster / at a lower HR of 5 beats Body Fat Percentage: decrease of 4% Note: body fat, not muscle or dehydration

Numbers don't lie.

- Coach Robb

(Coach Robb is working with Seth Hammacker who will turn pro next year, look for big things in 2021)

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