Ronnie Mac(Jimmy Albertson)Poor Track Etiquite Leads To Scuffle

Track etiquette seems to be a lost art these days; watching this video, a former professional racer and global personality lost his cool. Unlike the persona Ronnie Mac portrays, this was authentic emotion. I believe the person who sent me this video intended to expose Jimmy for his poor behavior. I am not justifying his actions but cannot say I haven't lost my cool when riders disregard my safety and are unapologetic.

Jimmy is a guy who has had life-altering injuries and understands every time he throws a leg over his motorcycle; it could cost him his life or his quality of life. Riding and racing is serious business; everyone who has been around the sport has witnessed someone or themselves been seriously injured. When a celebrity figure or professional racer shows up at a local track, it's only natural for riders to want to test their skills against them. The problem is both parties must be in the mood to take additional risks, battling strangers at a practice track is flat out rude.

It's never alright to wait for, pull in front of, or slow to battle anyone you don't know unless it happens as a natural flow of the practice session. Other riders might have different motivations so, please don't assume their motives are similar to yours. Most riders don't see the need to risk life and limb for bragging rights. This sport is dangerous enough without unnecessary risks, so having someone you don't know messing with you can cause tempers to flare.

Everybody who rides makes mistakes; if you choose the wrong line or are not aware someone is behind you and cut them off, a quick wave or "sorry" will usually end the conflict. Never call them names or challenge them, their adrenaline is pumping, and they have entered "fight mode." Questioning their manhood or arguing your point is never a good idea. The heated rider will most likely accept the apology and move on, most of the time, when their temper cools, they realize they overreacted and return the apology.

Most of us use the track to relieve our life stress, but everyone loses when we act like jackasses. We should use the time to welcome our fellow riders and leave life's stresses behind. Find a new rider and share some tips, let them know how to enter and exit the track correctly, not cross-jump, or anything else that will help them become safer, and hopefully, everyone has a fun and safe day at the track.

Please take a look at and share this video explaining some basic safety information:

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