Privateers Need To Seize Every Opportunity And They're Not!

Often privateers and riders outside the top ten are overlooked, it appears the sport only promotes the top riders. While there is some truth to this, many of these privateers need to take responsibility for their own careers. As an example, take a look at a couple of the riders Pulp MX has promoted in the last couple of years, Adam Enticknap and Alex Ray. Both have received quite a few opportunities based on their popularity. How do riders gain that kind of attention, sit and wait until a random media outlet approaches or take action to promote themselves?

(Ryan Breece and his HEP teamates are taking advantage of the press conferences)

Fortunately, Feld has provided a perfect platform for riders to gain publicity and make their presence known. After every Monster Energy Supercross, there is a post-race media scrum where media and riders have the opportunity to mingle while asking questions and telling their stories. Unfortunately, most riders who would benefit from the additional press coverage don’t take advantage of the opportunity.

(Standard e-mail from every round, in case anyone is wondering who is invited)

Every rider who qualifies for either the 250 or 450 main events is invited to the scrum. In addition to the publicity gained, riders have an opportunity to meet managers and agents who regularly attend the press conference. What better place to meet potential sponsors and industry connections? The only riders invited to the room have made either the 250 or 450 main events. Probably the easiest way to gain attention from the important people in the industry is too be in that room week in and week out.

(A team in the paddock that takes advantage of the press conferences is Moto Concepts)

If riders take advantage of this opportunity it helps the overall image of the sport. Every other professional sport has a post-event media scrum of some sort. It’s how they determine the appropriate time to conduct an interview and when to respect the athlete's personal time. Privateers need to start embracing this opportunity and give themselves the publicity they deserve.

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