Outside The Top Ten: Logan Karnow

It’s hard not to notice all the PR-MX riders wearing Just 1 clothing from head to knee(boots are open), but one rider, in particular, caught my attention, Logan Karnow. As I watched practice at A1 I noticed his riding style, its smooth and clean. I couldn’t believe I didn’t know anything about his background. Usually, when a rider is going as fast as Logan I have some idea of who they are and where they came from. I knew his name but had no idea his path and story.

(The number 88 is looking smooth and fast)

This week I called Logan and asked him a few questions about his journey. Logan grew up racing in Ohio, he said he did alright but never had any real breakout amateur rides. When he was 16 his parents separated and it forced him to stop racing and then he got a taste of life without Motocross. The job he obtained might have been better training than if he had continued racing, he worked at an indoor Mountain Bike Park(Raysmtb.com) which explains his smooth flowing style on the motorcycle.

(This is where Logan might have learned some skills)

When he was 18 he decided to get another motorcycle and give racing another shot and in his first race back he won a pro-am. From there Logan jumped right into Supercross, kind of crazy to think the kid working at Ray’s MTB park that didn’t have a motorcycle was making Supercross main events two years later. Logan made 250 Main events in 2015 and 2016, but suffered a back injury and had to sit out all of 2017.

(Logan and his traveling partner)

While on the sidelines Logan wasn’t going to sit around and get bored, he started a jersey lettering and graphics company while he recovered. When he returned to racing he joined the PR-MX team and has improved his results over the last few years. In 2019 Logan made five main events in the uber-competitive 250 West series. This season Logan has made two out of three main events and looks like a rider who can get inside the top ten.

(He is truly enjoying being a profesional racer)

Logan represents all that is good about the sport, a kid who was almost done racing but never gave up on his dream. He reminds me a lot of Justin Brayton, they both raced a lot of indoor Arenacross races growing up and much like Brayton his skills are still developing. I really think his development this season could get him inside the top ten, but he will need a breakout ride or two. If he can get near the front, Logan might just shock some people. Also, look for him on a 450 when the series goes East, Logan believes racing during the long 250 West break gives him an advantage over his competition.

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