Offseason Update: What You Need To Know Before A1

Every year it gets increasingly harder to keep up with all the off-season happenings, so I will touch on some of the big stuff and if you don't like reading I will drop a podcast covering most of this later today.

(only 22 days until the 2020 press conference at A!)

Adam Cianciarulo has joined Eli Tomac on Team Kawasaki and promptly served notice that he is nobody’s number two. Adam looks fantastic on the 450 and bested Eli head to head at the Monster Energy Cup. I will be watching the relationship between the Kawasaki teammates as it could get tense.

(I put AC and Eli together because they will be battling quite a bit this year)

Joey Savatgy finally signed with JGR Suzuki, then unfortunately shattered his heel at the AusX open and will miss the entire 2020 Supercross season. Unfortunately Chad Reed had already left the team and torched the bridge on the way out and wasn’t considered as a replacement. Unfortunately for a similar reason he wasn’t considered for the open spot on Red Bull KTM either.

Marvin Musquin is still suffering the effects from a crash with Zach Osborne at Ironman last year. Apparently he tried a non-surgical recovery, but it just wasn’t enough and after re-aggravating the already damaged knee, he opted for surgery. He will miss the entire 2020 Supercross season. The hot topic is if the team will fill his spot or leave it empty. The logical selection is Martin Davalos, who looked amazing in his 450 Supercross debut at Geneva. The issue there is he already signed to Team Tedder and moving him could have detrimental consequences for that team. Also, he is already on a KTM. I think Red Bull KTM owes Broc Tickle another shot after literally throwing him overboard during the WADA fiasco. He will be eligible six weeks into the season, so hopefully they right a wrong and give Tickle the opportunity.

(Unfortunately we won't see much of this from Marvin in 2020)

Justin Brayton has been doing his usual this offseason as he took his fourth straight Australian championship and his sixth King of Geneva title. Brayton has really beat the system and by skipping the outdoor nationals he has increased his value and extended his career.

Unfortunately Dean Wilson suffered a dislocated hip at MEC, but he is rehabbing to the best of his ability and might actually be on the line at Anaheim. I would rather he wait until he is fully healed, but either way that’s good news. Initially this injury looked horrific, with the type of injury he sustained the concern wasn’t necessary focused on his career but more for his quality of life initially.

(When will we see Dean Wilson?)

Two-time national champion Jeremy Martin is quietly making his return to racing after nearly losing his ability to walk. Not only did he suffer a burst fracture of his L1 vertebra, he suffered an infection that nearly killed him. Add to that they had to completely re-do his back surgery almost seven months after the initial injury. His recovery process and rehab was back to square one and he missed the entire 2019 season. Not many riders, if any have returned to racing after such a serious injury and subsequent botched surgery. Add to this he actually looks better than he did prior to the injury in 2018. Jeremy looked good at the MEC and won a main event at the Paris Supercross(triple crown format). He will be returning to the 250 class and rumor has him in the East. He has to be a title contender on resume alone, but he is the talk of the test tracks these days.

(J-mart is back in 2020)

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