Monster Energy Supercross Practice Report: Atlanta, Webb Tough As Beef Jerkey

Fresh off last week’s incredibly exciting and injury-riddled triple crown, some of the guys are nursing bumps and bruises. Cooper Webb had a highlight-worthy crash that initially looked like the end of his 2020 Supercross season, but do not ever question Webb’s toughness, he is in Atlanta and racing. Webb looked good but is clearly managing his injuries throughout the day. Eli Tomac on the other hand looks like a new man in 2020, with the exception of his performance at the season opener, he looks like a guy ready to be Supercross champion.

(Cooper Webb's toughness has just hit legendary status)

Ken Roczen was fast, but as this Georgia dirt breaks down, so does his confidence. When tracks develop deep ruts and sketchy rhythm sections Roczen doesn’t look willing to push the envelope. Justin Hill is fast again this week in Atlanta, with his newfound endurance it’s only a matter of time before he has a breakout ride and ends up on the podium.

In the 250 class, both Chase Sexton and Shane McElrath have separated themselves from the pack. Atlanta is very important for McElrath, this is the first track with true east coast dirt. He is one of the best riders in the sport on hard-packed slick surfaces, but to win this championship he will need to get it done on soft dirt. I really expected Jeremy Martin or RJ Hampshire to insert themselves into the fight for wins, but they are not showing the necessary speed.

Jordon Smith has had a tough time lately, but I cannot let slide what he did to Jordan Bailey in timed qualifying. Bailey fell and was blocking Smith from getting around, Smith rode straight into Bailey’s and his footpeg clipped Baily's lower back. Had this been a heat race or main event I would cut Smith some slack, but this was a timed session and his lap was already ruined. This was both rude and dangerous. Had that peg and it's razor sharp claws caught Baily wrong this could have been really bad. If the AMA sat Smith down for the session, or evening I would understand.

I look for both Tomac and Sexton to take wins in Atlanta, but it will be exciting to see how McElrath and Webb battle their respective rivals.

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