Hard Truth: Wednesday, Racing Is Amazing! Tomac 2020 Champ?

(Tomac looks like a man on a mission)

I hope the Supercross series takes a good hard look at holding some races mid-week. It would take a large TV contract to make Wednesday racing a reality. The most significant source of income for the series is ticket sales. Unfortunately, the chances of selling out a stadium on a Wednesday isn’t likely; it would require a bigger TV or streaming package to make this a reality. We have no idea if stadiums will ever be allowed to pack people like sardines, so this could be a viable option.

(The track builders did a much better job for round 12)

The on-track racing conditions were much better than last Sunday; the crew worked their asses off re-designing the track and infusing it with water. The changing conditions didn’t affect the contenders; all the usual suspects were fast. The Wednesday night race came down to endurance, and the strongest riders found their way to the front. The altitude is separating the field, but Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb seem unaffected by the thin air. Tomac trains and lives at over 6k feet, so this is lower than usual for him. As far as the Aldon Baker trained riders... They are handling the altitude so well it’s almost suspicious, but I have no idea, maybe they doubled up on Aldon’s Mind FX supplement? Either way, the strongest riders finished up front!

(Webb is the only guy as strong as Tomac near the end of these races)

The title is Eli Tomac’s in 2020, and despite a world pandemic, police brutality riots, and a field of fierce competitors, Tomac will not be denied. Currently, Tomac is the winningest Supercross racer never to win the championship, but in a week and a half, that title will return to Damon Bradshaw. Tomac currently has a 29-point lead on Webb with five rounds left, he has 13 on Ken Roczen, but with Roczen’s performances in SLC, I wouldn’t consider him a contender. Webb, on the other hand, could challenge Tomac, but 29 points will prove to be too much to overcome.

(Roczen is in trouble, unless he can find some endurance by Sunday)

We only have to wait until Sunday for round 13 of the series, and it looks like rain. One thing about Supercross is it changes, and it changes fast! I do think Tomac will become champion, no matter what is in his way. Keep in mind that my preseason prediction had him never winning the Supercross Championship, and yes, this is me admitting I was wrong.

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