Hard Truth: Jason Anderson Unfairly Targeted By Officials

It has been an interesting week; at the post-race press conference in Dallas of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross series, I interviewed Jason Anderson. As always Jason is a great interview, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. This is something the sport is craving and in a three-minute interview, Jason set the internet on fire. He spoke straight on multiple subjects and offered hard proof to back up his case.

(Jason doesn't hold back and that's why he is quickly becoming a fan favorite)

Jason has been unfairly targeted by AMA officials, he was pushed off the track in Tampa and re-entered without gaining an advantage. Unfortunately, the officials didn’t see it the same way and gave him a two-spot penalty. It was inconsistent with similar penalties handed out the same evening. Two riders cut an entire corner and clearly gained an advantage, but were only docked 1 position. In “Team Fried” style Jason said, “The AMA can suck it!” And when the facts are presented, I completely agree with Anderson. I love that he had the stones to put it out there, it’s the only way to hold the AMA accountable. AMA officials are having a very bad year, their rulings have never been more inconsistent or puzzling.

Jason has me blocked on Instagram, so I asked him the reason. As you can see in the video, Jason referred to his trainer, Aldon Baker, as the reason why I was blocked. Aldon took exception to an article I wrote back in 2018. Jason referred to it as “the drug” article but the article was really about loyalty and not drugs. You can read the article for yourself here.

Performance improvement drugs will continue to be a hot topic across all professional sports. I am of the opinion until the riders are paid like professional athletes the promoter and sanctioning body have no right to test them for anything. The past column I wrote was more about loyalty and what happened to Broc Tickle. Broc said he only took supplements his trainer either provided or recommended, but still, he was dropped like a hot potato.

Fast forward two years later and nobody remembered the online column, they usually have a shelf life of about a week or two. I am sure some are not happy the column has made a resurgence, but don’t blame me. All I did was ask one of the most polarizing racers in the sport why he blocked me on Instagram. Jason could have handled it so many other ways without drawing attention to the column. Unfortunately, as soon as the interview was posted the searches for the column began. Like everything else on the internet, it lives somewhere and by Jason calling it the “drug” column it has more reads this week than back in 2018.

I am not naive enough to think this won’t affect my relationship with Jason Anderson, guessing I will remain blocked for the rest of his career. I don’t mind because now I know the reason, it wasn’t the blocking that bothered me it was the “why.” Note to riders, you're all well within your rights to block anyone, but it gives us the right to ask why.

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