Hard Truth: Quarantine Has Motocross Flourishing!

Photos: @twofoursocial

Amid the most significant crisis in modern history, nobody seems to know exactly where we will end up. The novel COVID-19 virus struck fear into the world, unlike anything during this lifetime. The original death predictions were staggering, and the first few weeks of worldwide lockdown was justified. Fortunately, the results are more favorable than the initial forecasts. Without debating the potential dangers or political manipulation caused by this crisis, I have seen some benefits develop out of an otherwise miserable situation.

(Father and Son duo, Destry and Cooper Abbott mixing with the locals at Western Raceway) Being on lockdown has left everyone binging Netflix, playing video games, and taking virtual calls. They are beating their technology into the ground. We were left longing for the days of seeing, feeling, and smelling real action. Getting out and riding is one of the best ways to get exercise while not exposing yourself to this horrific virus. We are experiencing a massive spike in new unit sales, and any tracks open for business are experiencing record numbers of participants. Kids are putting down the video games and getting outside.

(Local hotshoe Kaden Lewis and his father enjoying a beautiful day at track)

While the future is uncertain, the now is all about riding! An entire generation of technology-obsessed kids are getting exposed to more than a virtual experience, and they love it! I have not seen this kind of motorcycle participation since the 1980s, and while this pandemic is far from over, it might give life to a sport kids had forgotten.

(The resurgance in Motocross isn't limited to the boys)

Hopefully, the impending financial crisis does not crush the newfound love for motorcycles. This Fall, I don’t expect movie theaters, stadiums, and restaurants to be the preferred choice of entertainment. My hope is for people to keep enjoying the great outdoors and use this time to get back to family and friends. While this crisis has been a worldwide shit show, it might be a rebirth of the off-road motorcycle world. Stay safe but get out and RIDE!

(Socalizing at the track is half the fun)

(A couple of strong and confident women bonding over Motocross)

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