Hard Truth: Are We Going Racing Outdoors? Don’t Count On It.

Updated: Jul 20

This week MX Sports released the latest projection of the outdoor nationals season, and while many people rejoiced, I received the news with much skepticism. This year good news has been hard to come by, so I am trying to embrace every piece of positive information. Unfortunately, following the breadcrumbs leads me to believe this series won’t happen.

There has been some good news this week; Nascar held the first sporting event with fans since the initial shutdown, they had 30,000 fans at Bristol Speedway for their All-Star race. After the race, the media celebrated Nascar's boldness and warned the potential dangers and results of the event won’t be known for two weeks. The way cases are counted, it’s almost impossible we won’t see a spike. *The CDC counts every positive test as 15 projected infections; this includes when the same person tests multiple times. A friend of mine tested positive four times, which means the CDC counted his case as potentially 60 infections, Seriously!!!

[This info was obtained first person from a doctor, not an infection doctor, but I trust it. I encourage you to do your own research]

*Same person = four positive tests (within two weeks) and the CDC counts this as 60 potential cases!

(It was estimated that 30,000 people attended Nascar at Bristol this week)

While deaths are decreasing, it’s virtually impossible to have cases reduce under these criteria, but on the bright side, I heard we could have a vaccine as soon as September. While MX Sports releasing their schedule is positive, seeing these posts from Davey Coombs and Jason Weigandt doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Davey owns and runs RacerX/MX Sports, and Jason is the outdoor announcer and integral part of the RacerX/MX Sports company. For those that don’t know, both companies belong to the Coombs family.

(DC text me "95% sure they(Outdoor nationals) will happen, unless the virus goes crazy" but this post isn't encouraing.)

Why would Weigandt use "?" marks? Not exactly confidence inspiring.

I admit when I am wrong, and nothing would please me more than issuing an apology for guessing this won’t happen. Here is to hoping I got this one wrong! Check out the new podcast, “Cooksey and the Coach,”; Robb Beams and I discussed some silly season rumors and broke down in detail the challenges and risks holding back the outdoor nationals. I am excited the extremely intelligent and connected Coach Robb has agreed to do a weekly podcast with me. We will touch on fitness, but it’s more of a weekly current events (in Motocross/Supercross) podcast. Robb has a unique perspective and the sport needs more accountable people like him, he makes it better.

(Click photo for a direct link "Cooksey and the Coach")

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