Glendale Practice Report: Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis Fastest Despite a Difficult Week

Stop me if you have heard this before, Adam Cianciarulo is fastest! Exactly like the first three rounds he has set the fastest time in qualifying. Unlike Anaheim he does look like the fastest guy consistently, the only issue is that about 15 guys are within a couple seconds. Expect multiple moto winners tonight with the triple crown format. We did lose Benny Bloss to a leg injury, don’t know the exact injury but he did go off on the medical cart and didn’t ride the last session.

(AC continues his timed qualifying dominance)

This track has the longest start straight in the series, they go 123 yards from gate to turn, it’s flat out scary how fast they are going when they enter the first turn. I am concerned with how fast the riders enter the first rhythm section; it could cause problems for riders in the middle of the pack. In the second 250 qualifying session Christian Craig tangled with someone and took a pretty good spill entering the section, but he was alright. Red plate holder in the 250 class, Justin Cooper had a nasty spill in the first timed session and was slow to get up. After a few minutes he continued the session and looked good in the second session.

(Justin Cooper went down hard but is racing tonight)

(Christion Craig is loving the whoops, but needs to get a start and avoid the second straght away carnage)

We do have some exciting storylines heading into the evening, Dylan Ferrandis was bombarded with hatred all week. I spent about a half an hour yesterday talking to his mechanic and some of the things people were posting were flat out gross! What prompts someone to say they are “going to rape his wife” or fly to Glendale just to sucker punch him? His move on Christian was a mistake, he did not intend to cause huge crash we witnessed. The moves he put on Jett Lawrence were aggressive, but nothing any other rider wouldn’t have done on the last lap. I have no problem with booing Dylan in the stadium, but death threats and people attacking his wife are classless. His mechanic told me that Dylan is genuinely concerned for his and his wife’s safety, something I would have never expected from Supercross fans.


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