Ferrandis Take Out Of Craig Explained(update, penalty issued)

[After breakind down why they didn't punish Ferrandis, I was made aware by John Gallager that they did indeed put him on a 12 month probation. No idea exactly what that means, but I will see if I can get more clarification prior to Glendale.]

I know Dylan Ferrandis is taking some serious heat for his move on Christian Craig, so let me explain why it was a stupid move but not necessarily something that requires a penalty. I don’t know of any previous bad blood between Craig and Ferrandis and that’s always taken into consideration. John Gallager is the race director and determines when penalties are issued. John and his team look for intent when determining if punishment is necessary. They determine intent by using any previous incidents and I am not aware of any prior incidents with Craig and Ferrandis. If Ferrandis is simply charging to the front he will be given more lead way than if he had a history with Craig. Unfortunately they will be watching both closely next week and if Craig pays Ferrandis back he will almost certainly be punished.

The other reason Ferrandis didn’t receive a punishment is because mistakes aren’t considered rough riding unless the rider has a history or repeatedly makes the same mistake. If Ferrandis makes a similar move next week you can bet he will receive a warning or penalty. If you take a close look at the video below I drew a green line where Ferrandis wanted to go and a red line where he actually went. Ferrandis came in to hot and when he hit the shiny section he lost traction and literally laid his bike right underneath the unsuspecting Craig. Had Ferrandis been closer and not lost traction Craig would have had time to react and either give the line to Ferrandis or be ran into the mechanics area.

That is why there was no punishment handed to Ferrandis, like it or not this is the reasoning behind the call. The nasty spill from Craig makes the incident look more malicious than intended but still a stupid move and Ferrandis deserved the fan response he received. I do think people hassling him in Instagram are overstepping, but that’s just my opinion.

(I am not a fan of people on Dylans page saying stuff like this)

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