Cooper Webb; The Alpha of Alpha Dogs

Hmm...did the tide just turn in the 450 season? Cooksey seems to think so.

Watching Cooper Webb turn his Lucas Oil Pro motocross season around on Saturday was déjà vu, as it reminded me of his amazing turnaround during the Monster Energy Supercross series. At the pre-race press conference prior to the opening round at Anaheim, there were 11 riders featured who could potentially be the 2019 Supercross Champion. Cooper Webb wasn’t on that stage and nobody considered it a slight or oversight. His first two 450 Supercross seasons had been less than impressive. While most expected improvements, I doubt anyone, including Webb, expected he would end up as the 2019 Supercross Champion. 

Webb’s turnaround in Supercross had many expecting his newfound speed and confidence would translate into being an instant contender outdoors. One of the most respected analysts in the sport, Daniel Blair, picked Webb as the title favorite prior to the start of the outdoor series. Unfortunately for Blair, the first seven rounds of the series were unimpressive, but Webb’s dominant win at round seven in Millville put his competitors on notice. In motocross, with two motos and 50 points available at each round, things can change in a hurry. As we head into round eight it’s hard to imagine Webb contending for the outdoor title, but stranger things have happened. While 54 points is almost insurmountable it’s not impossible! 

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