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Cooksey Media contributor Robb Beams is passionate about athlete's health, and when he sees someone burnt out, he doesn't hold his tongue. This post was in response to the news of future star Seth Hammaker being run into the ground while recovering from shoulder surgery prior to his final Loretta Lynn's appearance. Many wonder why this happens so much in Motocross/Supercross rather than other sports; it's a complicated answer, but it has to do with a sport full of meathead trainers with little or no educational background who call themselves experts. These "trainers" don't recognize the signs or the know-how to deal with them before the results become catastrophic.

Here is the story Robb was replying too with this response:

(Seth won't be racing next week, and it's a shame)

The Numbers Don't Lie - Do You Listen Early or Late?

When riders are being pushed and pushed and pushed at facilities by their riding coaches with no regard towards how the body handles and adapts to excessive fatigue and intensity, this is the end result.

Unlike a machine, you can't simply replace a part - you have to rebuild the entire body - DAILY!!

I get flack for preaching about the importance of sleep (Quality and Quantity) and food (Quality and Quantity) over and over - well now you know why.

Either athletes (and their "coaches") will pay attention to their overall training volume, percentage of aerobic to anaerobic, calorie burn rate to their food intake and the total amount of sleep spent in deep sleep and number of sleep cycles or they will ultimately pay the price!!

(Seth is at a career crossroads and if he doesn't get this under control his career could be in jeopardy)

I have literally been told "Robb you are too technical" - "Robb it worked for X rider, don't doubt me"....well you have two routes you can take:

1. You can trust the imperative numbers of sleep and food (pro-actively) and adjust daily and enjoy incremental improvements.

2. You can trust the blood results (re-actively) and adjust to the prescription of "You have EBV, you have to sleep and eat and allow your body to RECOVER" and enjoy days - weeks - months of not enjoying training, riding and racing.

Riders & parents - you are responsible for your health, wellness and performance. Get educated about how to evaluate signs of over-training and pro-actively address. Your rider's health and racing career will thank you later!!

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