Coach Robb Beams Joins the Team!

Cooksey Media would like too welcome Coach Robb Beams to the team! These days it seems like anyone who has ever trained or raced is calling themselves a trainer. Fortunately Coach Robb has been working with athletes on every level since 1987. I have worked with and know some very good trainers along with some flat-out morons, so when I started his program I was a little skeptical. After a couple weeks, I knew this guy has an incredible formula and virtually any competitive athlete would benefit from his guidance.

(Coach Robb in action)

His approach is very calculated, everything he does or asks of his athletes has a specific reason. His programs put a number on everything, this way he knows when to push or pull back your program. As Cooksey Media brings you professional and amateur race coverage, I thought he would be perfect to offer training advise and tips to the Cooksey Media supporters. Robb will be posting videos, podcasts and articles covering strength and conditioning, sports psychology, hydration and injury prevention that will make you a better person and athlete.

(Look for Complete Racing Solutions athlete Seth Hammaker, he will be turning pro in 2021)

Learn more about Robb and his team at or follow him at @coachrobbbeams on Facebook and @completeracingsolutions on Instagram

(Coach Robb practices what he preaches)

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