Christian Craig Can Race, But Not Cleared of Wrongdoing

It was just announced that Christian Craig had his WADA suspension reduced. While WADA didn’t clear Christian of any wrongdoing they did acknowledge he should have been notified much sooner than 11 months after the test was administered. Let’s call this entire testing processes what it is, a public relations move turned nightmare. The entire WADA and testing system should be revisited.

(Christian Craig will be on the line after having his suspension reduced)

In 2009 Supercross introduced WADA and in 2014 MX Sports began using USADA to test racers. I believe this was more of a public relations move than a legitimate attempt to clean up the sport. This was not too long after baseball players were called before congress to testify about steroid use in baseball. After seeing the negative effects the steroid era had on baseball, promoters looked to avoid similar situations. By hiring an outside organization like WADA or USADA, promoters can wash their hands of any liability and sell the sport as clean.

What they don’t tell you is how little they actually test and what types of tests are conducted. USADA tested 9 riders this outdoor season but let me share with you that bowling tested 13 athletes, curling tested 10 athletes and mixed martial arts tested 3,233 in the first three quarters of 2019. Combine these numbers with the huge gains by some very affordable and accessible PED’s, it’s obvious riders will use them. It’s extremely difficult to detect most PED’s and their half-life’s are very short, meaning by the time a rider is tested the drugs are out of their system. Often athletes(in all sports) use PEDs throughout their offseason and the gains stay with them throughout their entire season. Anyone with half a brain can skirt this system.

(Broc Tickle served his full suspension)

Let’s stop the witch hunts. It’s obvious that many riders are using PED’s but the current testing system is nothing more than an illusion. Either the promoters go all in and use a program similar to the mixed martial arts or abandon the program all together. Here is a link to USADA's testing site, they share testing data here.

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