Checking In On The 250 West Riders After Two Rounds

The second round of the 250 West series dealt some bad cards to quite a few contenders and dealt aces to Austin Forkner. The worst luck of the night was Dylan Ferrandis as he got yet another bad start in the main event and was collected in an accident after the start. The St. Louis track had riders heading into a large rhythm just after the first turn. They entered the section with a good head of speed and it made for some dangerous and spectacular crashes. It wasn’t the worst design, but I think track builders need to be a little smarter with sections before riders have a chance to get spaced out.

(If Dylan can't get his starts figured out, his #1 plate will end up with someone else)

Ferrandis was a complete victim as a couple other riders tangled and shot right underneath him, the Frenchman took a hard hit but after getting up and adjusting some bent levers he was able to gain a few valuable championship points as he salvaged 15th. It might not seem like a lot but in a short regional series every point is critical, just ask Adam Cianciarulo who has lost the title by only a few points on multiple occasions. That might have been the most important race of the year for Ferrandis, we shall see.

Another rider who had a tough night was Christian Craig, he has looked really good, but looking good has never been his problem. Christian has a style that is poetry in motion, but injuries and a ridiculous WADA suspension had him on the sidelines for quite some time. He won his heat and looked to be closing in on a podium finish before clipping a tough block and taking a handlebar to the stomach. I don’t want to go on a rant, but can we please look at a better track solution. They have sold so many tough blocks that it’s starting to look like Mario Kart, you never know when one will be in your way. The tough block ended his night but he should be fine heading to A2 and let’s not forget Christian is very fast at Glendale which is on deck.

(Christian Craig took a hit to the gut, but should be fine for Anahiem 2)

My early season sleeper Cameron Mcadoo suffered a serious injury in practice, after logging some fast times he crashed and had the bike land on him. Cameron is so tough he actually lined up and tried to ride the final qualifying session before heading to the hospital. Once there he found out his right lung was fully collapsed and his left was partially collapsed. He was then rushed into surgery to insert a chest tube along with testing and monitoring to ensure his well-being. Not sure the recovery time for Cameron, just glad this didn’t end up in something tragic. Trying to ride with collapsed lungs cannot be a wise decision, but you can’t ever question Cameron’s toughness. Hoping he can get out there soon and show his talent, I really think he will be great.

(Cameron Mcadoo showed a threshold of pain that could have had tragic results, hoping he he heals up fast)

On the bright side Brandon “The Heart Throb” Hartranft got his first career podium. He has been fast and is a perfect example of how the 250 teams should hire their riders. Brandon was groomed for two years by the Rock River Team and has graduated to the Factory TLD KTM team and his experience is paying dividends. All other riders on the team are rookies and I don’t expect good results from them, but “The Heart Throb” is taking pressure off team by delivering results.

(The Heart Throb is taking pressure off KTM managment)

Justin Cooper and Austin Forkner look to be developing a rivalry of epic proportions, they clearly don’t like each other. Then again I wonder if Cooper likes anyone, he is a fierce competitor who seems to thrive from disliking his competition, even if they are on his team. He reminds me of Mike Kiedrowski who despised everyone he raced, even his teammates. If Dylan Ferrandis can’t figure out his starts this championship will become a two-man race. All three expect to win this championship, but only one will be top dog in Salt Lake City.

(An angry Mike Kiedrowski blasting teamate Mike Larocco after a race)

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