Cooksey Media has committed our lives to motorcycles and the motorsports industry. With our unique view, as we have seen the sport from different angles. While we love the sport, often we are annoyed by some of the decisions and “cover ups” in an attempt to protect the image of the sport. We are providing a brutally honest look at Supercross and Motocross. Unfortunately, the outlook in and around the sport has not evolved as social media has changed the landscape forever. The days of manipulating information in order to shed a positive light are over. Everything both good and bad is recorded, posted and shared within a matter of minutes. Cooksey Media will present our opinions and the stories related as closely as possible to how it actually happened. 








The Cooksey Media platform allows us to better share uncensored information. Often the “industry” ignores uncomfortable aspects of the sport or more accurately fears anything that could hurt their personal interests. Bringing attention to possibly negative topics is the first step toward fixing them. Our mission is to give you a brutally honest look at SX/MX from every aspect, even the most uncomfortable. The only way to grow the sport and gain interest from today’s youth is to improve the entertainment value. Cooksey Media is leading the charge toward presenting the next generation with an honest and entertaining look at this very flawed but magnificent sport. It can grow to unprecedented heights in the coming years as E-motorcycles are introduced.


Cooksey Media might not have a solution for every problem, but we will give you an honest look at every aspect of the sport, not just the profitable ones. Change frightens people, even if change is required to survive.  Cooksey Media is leading the charge as we move into the entertainment era. In the current climate if you are not entertaining you are not important and the sport needs to embrace entertainment. Cooksey Media is embracing change while providing an authentic perspective on the sport. We share our straightforward unfiltered views on this dangerous, cruel but rewarding and glorious sport. We love the sport, both the good and the bad!


Meet our staff:


Chris Cooksey – Owner/Editor 


Chris is a life-long motocross enthusiast, racing professionally in arenacross, motocross, and supermoto. Chris obtained his degree from Arizona State, majoring in business and communications. After college, Chris immersed himself in the business and media aspects of the industry along with the ever-evolving social media. Chris isn’t scared to share his opinions and whether you agree or not he will give you something to consider. 

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